How to Become a Virtual Assistant

MS Office Solutions - Word and Digital Transcription

Document Production

No matter what business your clients are in, poorly produced documents waste time, money and energy and can destroy their companies ability to be productive. I realise that there are many other packages in the marketplace but the vast majority of clients will have MS Office or MS Works and this is probably what you should offer if you want to become a virtual assistant.

We have the ability to read and create Microsoft Office documents in all versions from Office 97 to Office 2003, you can go backwards but your version will not be compatible with newer versions so you have to keep your version of the software up to date - as expensive as that is.

Office Templates

Layouts for Word, Excel or PowerPoint can be easily created using your clients company details and graphics. Basic letters and spreadsheets can be created leaving the client just to type in the current details and print. If you learn how the fill-in boxes work in Word you can produce automated documents that will speed up your business and which you can sell to your clients as solutions.

The Packages

Word Processing - MS Word

Learn MS Word using free videos, follow the link

Most users of PCs will have used MS Word. It is a very complex program that most only use at the most basic level. This is not a problem but for some users the fact that they have other options worries them. They are happy to hand over the typing and use of the product. Now if you think about this, this is a very very sensible way to work. What is the point of sitting at your computer painfully typing letters when you could be out running your business. This is where a VA can really help a small business owner.

I am not going to go into the details of the product but I would imagine that almost all VAs use MS Word at some time.

Procedural, Training and Help Documents

Documentation can make or break the introduction of new procedures in a company. Badly written documents all to often put the user 'off' and make integration of the new system more difficult. You need to specialise in this sort of work if you are going to do it. There are standards in the UK for such documents but once you have the outlines from an existing document it is quite easy to follow.


Digital transcription is a large part of many Virtual Assistants workload. It needs excellent word processing abilities as well as a good ear. It comes with practise and I have to admit that this is something I do not do. I am simply not good enough or fast enough to make it cost effective for my clients to use me for this - there are many who are far far more qualified.

I could write about this form of transcription but it has already been done by the experts and so I am going to link to probably the best resource for digital transcription in the UK if not the Internet. It has been written by the experts who do this for their living.

Advice for Clients on digital transcription

File types and associated software

The above should be of great help if you are going to become a virtual assistant