How to Become a Virtual Assistant

Website Promotion for a Virtual Assistant business

Invisible website - lack of hits?

Your website is your on-line brochure, a way of getting your message to current and prospective clients anywhere, anytime. Put your URL on everything you can think of. When we lived in the UK we even had it on our car number plates. Friends have it on their cars, business cards should abound - with all your details on, all headed paper, invoices, everywhere you can think. Become a very noticeable Virtual Assistant.

If you belong to an organisation have some magnets or business card size calendars made and give them out or put them in a jar for people to take - business cards with a calendar on the back has a life of the remainder of the year - and therefore so does your URL which is also on the business card. Be inventive and think where you can promote yourself and your website.

With all the Social Sites now available there are many ways you can promote your site.

Make sure your site has 'metatags' and they are set up correctly. If you do not know how to do this, a site such as has loads of information for helping you to optimise your site for the search engines and it is all free.

How many Search Engines?

There are over 300 search engines and on-line directories, some charge, many are free and they change their rules and names on a regular basis. It is almost impossible to keep up with this but just by having your site on the Internet it will be found by the 'robots and spiders' and will be indexed and appear in the search engines - but don't expect this to happen for quite some time and by that I mean months. There are ways to speed this up but this is a huge subject and searching and reading articles on the Internet will give you more information than I can on just this site. If you join the newsletter on the Sign-up page you will receive links to articles and free downloads in each issue which are aimed at helping you promote your business and your site.