How to Become a Virtual Assistant

How did I become a Virtual Assistant?

I became a Virtual Assistant, not by design or any planning on my part. In December 1999 whilst on holiday to start the Millennium in style, we had a 'life changing medical event'. Our return to the UK was to a different life and meant that I would not be able to travel or work away from home. Bit of a problem for someone who normally worked long distances away and only returned at the weekends. I was in shock and also had to find a way to earn some money having become the 'bread winner' for the immediate future.

I had worked with many large companies and when one of my clients phoned me and offered me a job as a consultant I explained the situation and he said 'well why don't you do the job from home'. Suddenly I was a home worker', a 'teleworker'. It was only later I found the modern term was a Virtual Assistant.

Getting my first work

The first assignment I did was write a 'Risk Register' in Access for the Lord Chancellors Office. The next job was some typing for a local company. But the third job was amazing. I really regard it as my second job and this was in 2000. A directory had been set up for women workers called Busygirl. I was found on the list and asked to do the PR for the launch of a clothing company. There was a lot of research involved and it was totally different to anything I had ever done before BUT I got a job via a directory in 2000. If I could do that then, you can do that now. There is a lot more competition but a lot more directories and ways to get yourself found.

The important thing to remember is that a Virtual Assistant is a professional business owner who uses their skills to fulfill their clients needs. Most also spend time keeping up to date with all the latest technology that not only allows them to work remotely but saves their clients time and money.

Our 'Unique Selling Point' is that we give our clients 110%, we go that one step further and changing the way we work to meet our clients needs has always been the watchword of our Virtual Assistant company and our clients recognise this. An example is the comment by a London Bond Trader to our turnaround of his work - "You are amazing".

The aim of explaining how we got started and how we have continued to work to build the business is to make it obvious that we are not simply 'home workers' but fully qualified professionals who treat our business as a 'business'.

Become a Virtual Assistant and join one of the fastest growing industries on the Internet.