How to Become a Virtual Assistant

Becoming a Virtual Assistant (VA)

Being a VA and working from a home-office is not the easy option but for many people, for various reasons it is the ideal solution. You may want to become your own boss, be more independent, continue your active and highly professional working life but without commuting or other constraints found in corporate environments. Perhaps you need to be flexible with your working hours due to commitments or just want a better life/work balance. You may only want a second income.

You will need to purchase enough equipment to enable you to provide a good and continuous service to your clients. This means at least two PCs and a good back-up system. You are not going to be a home typist but a real business.

I have added examples of resources to help you become a Virtual Assistant. I am sure that others will have more and if they will be kind enough to send them to me and I will publish them on this site, not only will I give them full attribution (ie name and live link to their site) I will send them a free prize for helping to make this site a true resource for the beginner. Please contact me at our helpdesk.

A work mentality must still rule. I have never been able to 'work in my pyjamas' which often seems to be the media view of home-workers. I get up early, shower and dress in my work clothes and then go into my office and work. This is the same routine I had when I was in the corporate environment except my work clothes are no longer business suits but a more relaxed outfit and I do not have to commute to my office. My 'I am at work' mentality goes on with the clothes. Working from home is still running your own business.

VA Websites for the beginner

To help those of you who are wanting to become Virtual Assistants, there are many free resources which are very very useful. One suggestion I do have is that if you are thinking of joining a 'paid for' VA directory, do a simple Google search for Virtual Assistant using the country specific button on the search engine and if the directory does not come up on the first page, you could well be wasting your money, I have even seen directories on free ISP sites which will never be listed and VAs are paying to be listed there. Ask to be put in touch with other members of any paid organisations and see if they found the site useful and worthwhile. Many organisations do not even list their members so this is the only way you can ensure you do not waste your money.  

I have been researching the Internet for articles for those wishing to become a va or virtual pa, these can be found on the 'How to become a Virtual Assistant article pages'. I hope you enjoy them and they are useful in the decision to become a VA, if you have any comments for further articles that you would like to see, please contact us.


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