How to Become a Virtual Assistant
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Thinking of Becoming a Virtual Assistant 5 Facts You'll Want to Know

If you are an aspiring Virtual Assistant, this is an article that is very important as Alexandra is a well known and respected Virtual Assistant with two very important books on the subject which help the new VA to understand what is expected and how to get their business off to a flying start.

by Alexandra Amor

Starting a home-based Virtual Assistant (VA) business has many similarities to starting any other type of home-based business. It also has several unique features that you should clearly understand before you begin. When you become aware of these five unique business traits, you'll be able to research the profession with your eyes wide open and decide if being a VA is right for you.

1. What is a Virtual Assistant anyway?

Every VA's first and most prolonged challenge is that Virtual Assistance is a profession that is in its infancy and it still rare to meet prospective clients who know what a VA can do for them. In order to convert prospective clients into paying clients you'll need to do a lot of educating about what Virtual Assistance is and how it can support businesses. Some self-employed entrepreneurs know they need help but they can't fathom receiving that support virtually. You'll need to become well-versed at how you can make their business lives easier and communicate that message ongoingly until it sinks in.

2. You say tomato.

There are as many potential VA services as there are VAs and VA clients. Figuring out what it is you can do best and where you want to focus your services is imperative. Clearly define what you do (and what you won't do) and your potential clients will be more likely to understand how you can help them.

3. Your call is important to us.

When I first started as a Virtual Assistant, many of my clients assumed that because I was 'virtual' and sat at my computer all day that this must mean I provided computer technical support. This confusion is common and can often be difficult to train your clients that what you do is different than tech support. If you wish to provide computer technical support in addition to your VA services, that's fine too. But know what you're getting into first.


A good website with full details of what you do and do not do is very important to stop conflict and false asumptions by the client. I would always list what you do not do and if you are a member of a well respected VA organisation, either put a link to that site on your site or state that you can find VAs who offer other services via your network of professional and experienced workers.

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