How to Become a Virtual Assistant

The What Who and Why of Virtual Assistants

An experienced Virtual Assistant takes you through the 'what and why' of the business and gives insights into what both you and your client can expect. An interesting article with lots of really good information.

by Kathy Sparks, Certified Professional Virtual Assistant

What, you've never heard of a Virtual Assistant???

Imagine an assistant working from a home office helping clients all over the country to be successful. Imagine having an assistant who you don't have to manage. Imagine moving your business forward and still maintaining your independent entrepreneurship. That's it in a nutshell. Who is a Virtual Assistant? You can find them everywhere.

They are professionals, usually with years of experience in the corporate world. They are focused, resourceful, independent, and dedicated. Why partner with a VA? Think about it -- a highly trained professional whom you don't have to hire, manage, purchase equipment for or put on the payroll; you don't even pay for coffee breaks. You pay for only your projects...Period!

Many VAs charge by the hour but some charge by the quarter hour and some even by the minute. Depending on the job they do and the requirements of each piece of work. Not only that, VAs consider a partnership as a total commitment to seeing you and your business prosper. "I feel so good - it's like having a "busy bee" working behind the scenes to help me. I'm loving it." Carole Martin, The Interview Coach Still not sure...does this sound familiar?- Important action items stack up that you just can't seem to get to?- Do you have to rush to through projects right before the due date?- Do you ever have to apologize for not delivering what you promised?- Do you wish your documents presented you in a more professional way?- There are things you want to do but don't have the expertise nor the desire to learn it.-

Difficult to balance attending to your business/clients and attending to maintaining your business.- Your presentations are not what they could be.- Not enough time for having fun.

It works and works well...just ask anyone who is partnering with a VA and you will be amazed at the efficiency, camaraderie and fun working virtually can be. Check out the cost comparison of hiring an on-site assistant vs. partnering with a VA.

Kathy Sparks began building her successful Virtual Assistant practice after being certified with AssistU in 1998. She has partnered with clients nationwide who are successful professionals in marketing, sales, coaching, creative design, .com companies, engineering, real estate and development and online Internet entrepreneurs. Her corporate background of over 15 years is in the fields of information technology, market research, management, programming, administrative assistance and customer service. Please visit our web site: Your Virtual Resource at

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