How to Become a Virtual Assistant

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Make Money, Be Your Own Boss and Stay Home With Your Children. Be a Virtual Assistant

This article takes a real look at the options of working as a Virtual Assistant from home - an alternative to trying to juggle a lifestyle which consists of childcare, the associated costs and time and on occasion personal angst. Working from home may not at first seem as lucrative as working for a large corporation BUT when all the costs are taken into account, not only is it more cost effective, you have a happier family and the knowledge that you know where everyone is while you run a good business with personal clients in a quickly expanding industry.

by Jennifer Claggett

Maybe you've heard of virtual assistance, maybe you haven't. It really isn't a household phrase - yet! Let me tell you, though it's catching on really quickly. Why? Because it makes sense for business owners to hire VAs to do work for them (we'll get into just how much sense it makes in a minute)! In fact, a recent study by George Washington University shows that virtual assistance will be a $130 billion a year industry by 2008. You - and your family - deserve a chunk of that $130 billion! More than that, you ALL deserve to have you home and available for your children.

Use the skills you already have and be your own boss, set your own hours, make some great money...and, most importantly, spend time with your children!

So, just what is a VA?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an independent (self-employed) entrepreneur who can provide a variety of services (i.e. administrative, technical and/or creative) to one client or many clients on an on-going basis.

A VA uses various modes of communication to deliver those services to clients (i.e. e-mail, Internet, fax, phone, snail mail).

What is a Virtual Consultant/PA (VC/PA)?

A Virtual Consultant/PA (VC/PA) is an independent (self-employed) entrepreneur who completes highly specialized projects on an as-needed basis for one client or many clients.

A VC/PA uses various modes of communication to deliver those projects to clients (i.e. e-mail, Internet, fax, phone, snail mail).

The personal relationship a Virtual Assistant or VC/PA builds with their clients is far closer than that normally found in offices where you may have more than one boss or where the boss may change without notice. You get to know your clients quirks and how they want their work completed. Even in this 'close' atmosphere, there tends to be none of the 'office politics' that causes many so much grief.

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