How to Become a Virtual Assistant

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Finding Success As A Virtual Assistant

The story of how a lay-off turned an employee into an entrepreneur. Working from her own office, at home, she now has the chance to be an 'at home mother' while still working - but this time for herself in a truly fulfilling business.

by Susan Marshall

Local Resident Finds Success As Virtual Assistant After Corporate Layoff.

Brighton, CO (PRWEB) May 1, 2005 -- Susan Marshall spent her final few years in the corporate world working from home for a boss who lived halfway across the country. It was a perfect scenario, one that allowed her to keep doing a job she enjoyed and still be able to stay home with her children. But when Marshall was victim of a huge layoff in 2003, she wasn't sure what to do.

Then it dawned on her: become a virtual assistant. After all, that's what she had been doing for the previous three years anyway. I had essentially been a virtual assistant without even knowing it," said Marshall, who has grown her client list to six since landing her first customer in March, 2004. "Being a virtual assistant has offered me the opportunity to continue working in a field I enjoy and to be home to raise my children. "So what is a virtual assistant? It's someone who provides administrative and personal support to small businesses, entrepreneurs and home-based businesses via electronic modes of communication (email, fax, internet, phone).

Virtual Assistants are based all over the world and deal with clients all over the world - this gives a French company the chance to work with an English speaking VA to ensure that their documents are correctly translated, or a US company working with a German VA to ensure that their work is 'word perfect'.

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