How to Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant - Finding Clients - your skills

I had no chance to do any research when I was starting out. I was housebound with a sick husband and the Internet was in it's infancy. One thing I did do was search the Internet on my slow modem and find the very very few directories that there were out there. My second real job came from one of those directories very quickly. It could have been luck but now that there are so many directories I have had comments such as 'if it was not for the AUKVA directory I would not have survived the last 6 months'.

  • Who ARE my Virtual Assistant clients going to be?
  • What do THEY do?
  • Where can I  find THEM?

Many Virtual Assistants start a business and then run a business without ever finding out who their ideal clients are going to be or should be.  Saying – I will work for Small to Medium sized businesses, or my skills are best suited to the middle class individual, is casting your net far too wide. It is estimated that the response from a directed mail shot is 1 to 2%, and that is when it is ensured that each and every letter or mail goes to the target group who can best be served.  Marketing yourself as a VA with a Practice is almost impossible if you do not know who your ideal clients are.

Going through the following steps should help to identify your skill-base and hopefully from there the type of client you can best serve as you work to become a Virtual Assistant. It is far easier if you work in one specific field, such as Real Estate or if you specialise in Medical transcription, far more difficult if you are a ‘solutions provider’ – who actually needs that solution and what is it?

You will need a sheet of paper and create headings and brainstorm your answers to the headings.  If the section has two items as in No 1, write each one down as a separate heading and deal with each one individually.  Then put them together and see how they fit.

The first thing to think about is yourself:


1 a Who are you?
b What do you offer?
c What do you do best?

2 What service(s) do you offer?
If you offer diverse services, do this exercise for each one

The more planning you can put into this the more likely you are to get the clients you can work with, who will stay with you and who you understand.

Now do Finding Clients - their needs