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  • A Company Profile
    Following 15 years in the legal field, primarily giving advice on Family Law issues, J&S Virtual Assistant was born

  • Advertising for Virtual Assistants
    This page details advertising I have checked out and tested. It is mostly free but there are ways of increasing your advertising and paying for more if you wish.

  • Articles for Virtual Assistants
    We come across many articles relating to Virtual Assistants and we like to bring these to your attention. All part of the service to help you decide if you wish to become a Virtual Assistant.

  • Become a Virtual Assistant
    Become a Virtual Assistant and work from a home-office may not the easy option but for many people, for various reasons it is the ideal solution.

  • Booking Terms
    A booking form or proposal will be produced for each order and must be agreed and signed by the client before work can begin. Become a Virtual Assistant

  • Charges for Virtual Assistant Work
    As there are so many different services a Virtual Assistant can offer, there are various charges you can make. You can either have one hourly rate or various rates. Become a virtual assistant.

  • Christmas as a marketing tool
    Christmas as a marketing tool. Traditionally Christmas is seen as a time to wind down. but is can be a time to advertise your Virtual Assistant business

  • Confidentiality Agreement
    It is important that you have a confidentiality agreement for those clients that wish to use one and also lay out your virtual assistant booking terms in advance of issuing one.

  • Contact us for further information on being a Virtual Assistant
    Contact us for further information on being a Virtual Assistant, your experiences of starting your business and any other queries that you may have.

  • Digital Transcription File Types
    If you already have a digital recording mechanism for Digital Transcription, there’s a good chance that it will record a variety of different file types for different purposes.

  • DTP, Graphics and Adobe Acrobat PDF files
    Desktop publishing is the 'next step' up from standard document production. It is easier to produce DTP using specialist products designed for graphics and text. Become a virtual assistant.

  • E-mail, MailMerge and CRM
    MS Outlook is the most popular mail program and should not be confused with Outlook Express which is the free mail program with IE. An ideal product if you want to become a virtual assistant.

  • Example Client Portfolio
    When you present yourself as a business to your prospective clients you need to create a feeling of trust. The easiest way to do this is with a Virtual Assistant Client Portfolio.

  • Experience Needed to Become a VA
    You will either have paper qualifications or hands on experience - as long as you are able to do the work and your clients are happy then you have what it takes to become a virtual assistant.

  • Finding Clients - Their Needs
    It has long been proven that telling someone what you as a virtual assistant can do for them is not the best way to market your skills, telling them how you can solve a problem is the answer.

  • Finding Clients - Your Skills
    Many people start a business and then run a business without ever finding out who their ideal clients are going to be. Become a virtual assistant.

  • Finding Success As A Virtual Assistant
    Virtual assistants work from home with their own equipment, handling tasks the client either doesn't have the expertise or time to do.

  • Free Virtual Assistant resources
    Free business downloads for Virtual Assistant and other small businesses. Get our complimentary e-book.

  • From minion to chief
    From minion to chief. What is your reaction when a potential client, having received your quote, queries your price? What is a Virtual Assistant worth...

  • From wage slave to home alone
    From wage slave to home alone. Making the transition from employee to running a self employed Virtual Assistant business

  • Home
    A free resource site to help new Virtual Assistants (VA) and those considering becoming a VA to make the right decisions for themselves and their businesses, become a virtual assistant.

  • Home and Away - Virtual Assistant Clients
    Home and Away. Local Clients - Are They a Different Breed? It's a safe bet that the majority of those working as a Virtual Assistant started their business by concentrating on local clients.

  • Homeworking equals automatic successess - or does it?
    Homeworking equals automatic successess - or does it? You've decided to work from home because you've always wanted to. Becoming a Virtual Assistant could be the answer...

  • How do you become a Virtual Assistant?
    How do you become a virtual assistant ? The first step in becoming a VA is to understand what that means and how it works.

  • How I Became A Virtual Assistant
    Virtual Assistants either choose the career for various resions or they become VAs because they have to have an income and must work from home. Become a Virtual Assistant

  • How To Start Your Own Virtual Assistant Business
    A virtual assistant, or VA, is a highly skilled professional who provides administrative support and other specialized services to businesses, entrepreneurs, executives etc.

  • Links for those wanting to become a virtual assistant
    Links to other sites that may be of use to those wishing to become a Virtual Assistant

  • Make Money, Be Your Own Boss and Stay Home With Your Children. Be a Virtual Assistant
    Maybe you've heard of virtual assistance.maybe you haven't. I Let me tell you,'s catching on really quickly as many more homeworkers become Virtual Assistant.

  • MS Office Products
    PowerPoint presentations have come a long way since Microsoft first brought the program out. If you are skilled in its use, it is a very good skill to add to your Virtual Assistant portfolio.

  • MS Word and Digital Transcription
    Digital transcription is a large part of many Virtual Assistants workload. It needs excellent word processing abilites as well as a good ear. Become a virtual assistant

    These articles have been written by members of the Alliance of UK Virtual Assistants. They all have at least one years experience as a Virtual Assistant.

  • Privacy policy
    It is the policy of Iceni-it to respect the privacy of its users and understand that they have a choice as to whether they wish to receive communications from us or not.

  • Security Matters
    Security Matters "Oh, how full of briers is this working day world" As You Like It - W. Shakespeare Call me paranoid but I often feel that a Virtual Assistant can neglect aspects of personal safety.

  • Several Do's and Don'ts for Starting a Virtual Assisting Business
    Virtual Assistant (VAs) are highly skilled professionals who provide administrative support and specialized services to businesses, entrepreneurs, executives, etc.

  • Starting a Virtual Assistant Business
    If you're organized, smart, capable and willing to work with deadlines, you could start a virtual assistance business and cash in on your skills. Become a Virtual Assistant.

  • Terms and Conditions
    User Agreement and Terms of Use: Use of this Web Site constitutes acceptance of the User Agreement and Terms of Use. You represent that you have read and understood these terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them.

  • The Virtual Assistants Website
    A website should be your best and most cost effective marketing tool. Many of the top Internet marketing Guru's give help and advice as to what your website should contain. Become a virtual assistant

  • The What Who and Why of Virtual Assistants
    Imagine an assistant working from a home office helping clients all over the country to be successful. Imagine having a Virtual Assistant.

  • Thinking of Becoming a Virtual Assistant 5 Facts You'll Want to Know
    Starting a home-based Virtual Assistant (VA) business has many similarities to starting any other type of home-based business.

  • Time is Money
    Time is Money Tomorrow is a busy day - we can all relate to those days when your Virtual Assistant office seems to have declared a state of war.

  • Top 7 Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant
    Evidently I've been living under a rock. Recently, I stumbled across the small business solution that turned my overwhelming to-do list into something manageable. Use a Virtual Assistant...

  • Virtual Assistant - Questions Answered
    A Virtual Assistant is a person or persons with whom businesses and individuals outsource administrative and technical tasks. Virtual Assistants work from their home office.

  • Virtual Assistant Bookkeeping Services
    If you have experience of these sorts of services there are now accounting programs that allow the complete bookkeeping service to be undertaken via the Internet. Become a virtual assistant.

  • Website Promotion for Virtual Assistants
    Your virtual assistant website is your on-line brochure, a way of getting your message to current and prospective clients anywhere, anytime. Put your URL on everything you can think of.

  • Website questionnaire
    Using a questionnaire on your website can make clients think about your services and not just read about them. They click the boxes and suddenly realise that they need a Virtual Assistant.

  • Website Structure Plan
    When you are putting a Virtual Assistant website together it is important to make sure that the layout and content help the visitor find what they are looking for.

  • What a Virtual Assistant Is and Is Not
    Looking for someone to join you in your business isn't an easy decision to make, someone who can save you time by helping with administrative tasks that take too long to do, use a Virtual Assistant

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